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St Lucia, Cap Maison Wedding – Steven & Dawn Holloway

Congratulations to Steven and Dawn Holloway who tied the knot at a fabulous little boutique in the north of St Lucia.


We had a great time and Dey the wedding coordinator looked after us amazingly well – it rained on the day but we got married 30 minutes earlier to avoid the downpour and she rallied round to make the event perfect and the resort is amazing the and the suite was gorgeous.

Dey and two other staff were very attentive and wonderful !

I would just give the nod that the Cap Maison website regarding weddings is definitely aimed at people who are having guests on the day and to be honest if it’s just the two of you once you’ve faxed over your legal documents – everything gets sorted on the day, so you can just relax which is great but as that’s not really flagged up properly at the start, you’re just left floundering a bit and unsure, that would be my pointer for other solo wedding parties

Thanks again for listening to me when I was stressing but it was day I won’t forget!

Best wishes


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